Ways To Improve The Health Of Your Eggs

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The overall quality of a woman’s eggs contributes to the overall health of any future pregnancy she may have. Once believed to be virtually unattainable, women can now have the power to change the way their ovaries work in order to influence the best possible ways to produce much healthier eggs.

The best thing about this is that women of all ages can do this – it is a natural, inexpensive way that not only contributes to one body system but to the total persons health as well.

In a normal cycle, eggs undergo a 90-day preparation before they are ready to be released during ovulation. a variety of external factors influence this process. This includes blood flow to the reproductive organs particularly the ovaries, oxygenation, hormonal imbalance, nutritional intake and stress. These are some of the many factors that affect the health of your eggs. Let’s take a look through each of them.

Blood Flow and Oxygenation

The health of all the cells in a human being is dependent on the circulation of blood. Blood carries with it the essential nutrients needed to nourish the organs. Without proper nourishment, the cells will cease to function effectively.

Aside from this, blood from the organ tissues help carry out the waste products and toxins away from them. Again, this is to ensure the proper functioning of all body systems. Another important thing to note is that blood is the means by which oxygen is being delivered throughout the body.

It is therefore important to maintain a rich and steady supply of blood to the ovaries where the eggs are produced. You can do this in several ways:


Massaging the muscles of the body aid in increasing blood supply to the tissues because it helps stimulate the flow of stagnant blood. Specific fertility massages are intended to increase circulation to the reproductive organs only. This is done by gently massaging your pelvic area and lower abdomen in order to target the ovaries and uterus.

Another form of fertility massage is the femoral artery massage. This is done by locating the femoral artery which runs along the posterior-lateral part of the leg.  This is the main artery that supplies fresh blood to the reproductive organs.

Once located, pressure is applied for a few seconds and then quickly released. The sudden rush of pooled blood increases blood supply thus benefiting the reproductive organs.


Exercise helps in the mobility of blood throughout the body. Light exercise can be performed for about 30 minutes daily. Activities should include walking, running, dancing or yoga. Also, avoid assuming certain positions for a long period of time. This can cause blood stagnation.

Maintain Hydration

Dehydration can cause the viscosity of blood to thicken resulting in a sluggish flow of blood. It can also affect the cells in the body because dehydration can lead to overworked, tired cells. Without supply of water, they are unable to function normally. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water everyday is recommended.

Hormonal Balance

Hormones are the driving force of the whole reproductive process. Without them, nothing will kick start the production, regulation, ovulation and growth of the eggs. However, hormonal function can easily be affected by various factors such as diet, exercise, or exposure to chemicals. When this happens, hormonal imbalance may result. This can greatly affect the quality of your eggs since the resulting imbalance may lead to poor egg production or even anovulation.

To make sure your hormones are balanced, you should be conscientious in what you eat. In order to prepare your body for conception and to get rid of toxins that interfere with hormonal balance, cleansing can be done.

This safe and natural process requires the woman to detoxify her body system through the use of hydration, herbs and supplements. Getting sufficient amount of rest and sleep is equally important in normalizing your body clock. This is also done to give your body time to recharge and regenerate.

Nutritional Intake

The nutrients that your ovaries need in order to produce healthy eggs can be consumed through a combination of proper diet and supplements. Diet has a direct impact on a variety of processes that go inside the body.

Some of the foods that contribute to egg health include royal jelly, maca, broccoli, berries, dark leafy vegetables, halibut, salmon, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, turmeric and ginger.

Foods which should be avoided include cigarette, caffeine, alcohol, sugar, soda, low-fat diet, processed foods and trans fats.

In addition to eating the right kinds of food, supplements in the form of vitamins can also be added to your eating list. Supplements which are rich in antioxidants help protect the egg from free radicals damage. This is very important because free radicals have the ability to change the DNA in cells, including your eggs.


We live in an environment where stress is constantly a threat. Stress comes in many forms and it is important that women should be able to recognize them. Stress can cause a disruption in the body’s normal functioning and can also affect hormonal balance. In order to fight stress, here are several ways which you can do:


Get enough rest and sleep

Remove or minimize work and environment related stressors

Practice meditation techniques

Get a massage

Use aromatherapy to relax and re-vitalize your senses

Everyone has their own, unique way of dealing with stress. You can deal with this by taking time to wind down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in your preferred way.

The health of your eggs should be given importance by those who wish to get pregnant. After all, the health of the subsequent embryo depends on the health of both the egg and the sperm themselves. So consider these tips and take the first step in planning a healthy pregnancy.