Preventing Premature Ejaculation

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Preventing premature ejaculation is very important if you are worry about it.

Around 36 million men only in the U.S. alone so you are not alone. Do you have premature ejaculation? Do you ejaculate before you wish to ejaculate when having sex? Then you have it.

There are many causes to premature ejaculation one of them is the psychological cause. Which basically occurs in your own mind, this include depression, anxiety, guilt and even having relationship problems that may cause stress.

Biological causes is the next factor. These include abnormal levels of hormone, thyroid problems, inflammation of the prostate or abnormal level of neurotransmitters.

There are many ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

First you need to understand the ejaculatory process. There are basically four stages. The first stage is the arousal, the second stage is full erection, the intense feeling of wanting to ejaculate is the third stage and the fourth stage is the ejaculation itself.

If you want to prevent premature ejaculation you may try doing Kegel exercises. Kegels are basically exercises that help strengthen the PC muscle that is located near the pelvic area.

How do you locate the PC muscle? Whenever you go the bathroom and stream urine you are using the PC muscle. If you want a simple routine, you need to squeeze and hold the PC muscle for 10 seconds, then release and relax for 10 seconds and repeat the process for 5 minutes.

There is also a technique called the distraction technique, the distraction technique works when you want to ejaculate try thinking of something else, distract yourself until your urge stops.

You can also try the stop and squeeze technique. This works as follows. Whenever you have sex and you feel the urge to ejaculate, have your partner to hold the tip of your penis until the urge to ejaculate stop, wait around 35 seconds and then continue with intercourse. After that if you feel the urge to ejaculate again, repeat the process.

Some other tip include practicing ejaculating by yourself, so you can control it better. You can eat fruit every day and it would help you with your PE.

Try controlling your breathing patterns. Breathing can be a cause of ejaculation because the faster you breath the faster you ejaculate, by taking in consideration your breath you can control your ejaculation.

However a great way to prevent premature ejaculation is the natural way. Because it is premanent and you can have the sex at its fullest.