Identifying The Various Autoimmune Diseases

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Considering about all types of autoimmune diseases it is found that there are almost eighty plus diseases and for each one of them it is found that their symptoms are also unique. However, there are few symptoms and characteristics which are common and shared by almost each disease related to autoimmune system dysfunction.

The core symptoms related to autoimmune diseases are explained here.
• Extreme fatigue
• Muscle and joint pain
• Muscle weakness
• Swollen glands
• Inflammation
• Susceptibility to infections
• Sleep disturbances
• Weight loss of gain
• Low blood sugar
• Blood pressure changes
• Candida yeast infections
• Allergies
• Digestive problems
• Anxiety and depression
• Memory problems
• Thyroid problems
• Recurring headache
• Low grade fever
• Premenstrual syndrome and
• Recurrent miscarriage among the women

You have seen the list of many symptoms given above which are sure for you to hard to believe that they are closely related to each other. Probably any patient is not supposed to represent all the symptoms stated above however for them it is sure to conduct and show many symptoms stated above. If the doctor care and give medication for individual symptoms then it becomes very hard for the patients to completely recover from it. This is it is essential to get to know the exact source and type of problem through which the patient is suffering and hence appropriate medication should also be given.

Causes related to that of the autoimmune diseases

The doctors and expert have found that there is no specific cause behind any type of the autoimmune disease. Instead, it is affected through the combination of factors among the patients. Here are given all the basic reasons that may cause the autoimmune disease to the person.

The very first thing which is needed to be known by the person suffering from it that the autoimmune diseases are not at all contagious. It is a type of disease which generally does not caused to the people from infections. This disease is also not related to the types of cancer and AIDS.

The other major causes of the autoimmune diseases are the genes which are inherited from the parents to the children. This is why the autoimmune disease sometime is also affect to each member of the family because they have inherited the genes from ancestors which are sensitive towards it. Below are given the list of factors but for specific factors you should consider visiting the doctor for proper identification and medication.

• Family history of autoimmune disease
• Hormonal or gender status
• Viral and bacterial infection
• Toxic chemical or toxic metal exposure
• Vaccinations
• Trauma and stress
• Smoking and
• Nutritional deficiencies