Discovering Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are swollen tissues within the anal canal.  This condition can be painful and dangerous in severe cases. And although this is common, did you know that they are present to everyone? Hemorrhoids are indeed present to everyone and the problem occurs only when the clumps are enlarged.  Of the general population, only 4% suffers from this disease and patients can be both men and women.  It is not life threatening and symptoms usually go away after few days. Lifestyle change can reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.  Home treatments are also available and most of them are effective.

In general, who are the most common suffers of Hemorrhoids?

Pregnant women or those who just delivered a child
Adults between 45 to 65 years of age
People who do not have enough fiber intake
Those suffering from constipation

How is this discovered?

Some people just feel a lump on their anus or some see blood on the toilet to toilet paper after bowel movements.  Some feel an itching and some severe discomfort in their anus.  When you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you should talk to a medical practitioner so it can be examined right away.  Doctors may diagnose hemorrhoids by conducting some tests or examination of the anus.  The common symptoms are:  itching, pain while sitting, bright red blood in stool, lumps near the anus and pain during bowel movements.

What is the best precaution or measure to avoid this problem?

It is said that most people who suffer from this condition are having problems in their bowel movements.  Hard stools can traumatize existing haemorrhoids and the only way to soften the stools is by increasing the fiber in diets.  Foods like vegetables, fruits and grains are rich in fiber.  Other food supplements also contain high fiber.  Increased liquid intake is also recommended.  However, although we need to soften our stools, Diarrhea can also worsen the swelling haemorrhoids.

Are there available treatments to hemorrhoids?

Yes, there are many available products in the market that contain drugs that can relieve the itching and swelling of hemorrhoids.  Some are available in creams, in gel or ointment. Make sure to limit the application to the perianal area and lower anal canal only.  If swelling and itching aggravates, they should be continued.

When do we contact a doctor?

If you think that the condition is getting worse or if you think that home remedies do not work, you should contact a doctor right away.  If you notice bleeding, this is also an indication that you should contact a doctor.

Is there any complication?

Yes.  Clots can be formed in the swollen veins that can cause the tissue to die.  In this case, Surgery is needed to remove the clots. If there is a severe bleeding, the doctor should also check your condition as it can also be caused by iron deficiency anemia. This case is unusual, therefore, doctor’s expertise is needed.  Doctors can check your condition if there is a need for you to be treated in the hospital.